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Whether you found my website from clicking on a link or purely by chance, greetings!

I use this page to put whatever I make onto the internet, saving it from rotting away in a file cabinet or on a hard drive. Although my college classes leave me very little personal time, I try and update this website as often as I can. If you like what you see, be sure to bookmark this page and check back occasionally!

Also, you can send me a message at twofour AT disroot DOT org. Don't be shy, I appreciate e-mails!

What's the latest?

Hello everyone!

It's been a while. These past few weeks have been difficult to deal with. Waking up reeeal early, eating only breakfast and dinner, and crunching numbers until 11PM every night really wears a man down. Hell, I'm writing this with two exams back-to-back tomorrow, I should be studying! But I felt like I needed to update Webbersite and all of its clunky-ness, for my own peace of mind. That's why I chose to call Webbersite 3.0.0 the "Serenity" update. In it, you'll find some new things here and there, some other things missing. Nothing too crazy yet. But this was mostly a "framework rework" sort of update. With a better gallery, centralized update box, and my awesome new DSLR, I feel like you be seeing some cool shit sooner than you know it.

My CivE major curriculum can only keep me down for so long. Stay frosty.

- Webber

Webbersite Version 3.0.0 "Serenity"

I IMPLORE you to visit the recently updated Life List page to appreciate two new pictures: one of a Blue Jay and the other of a Canada Goose.

"Wow. Weeks of silence for two freaking bird pictures?"

Well, I'd like to point out something you might not be thinking. Open the image up, take a GOOD look at it, and come back. Go on, this text isn't going anywhere.

What did you notice? A lack of chromatic abberation? Higher resolution? More pleasant colors? Here's what's different... The other pictures you see in the gallery are older pictures taken with a cheap zoomable video camera. As such, the lens is of a poorer quality, and there was no image stabilization. This new picture is taken with my shiny new (used) Canon EF-s 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 lens, zoomed all the way to 250mm.

What does this mean? It means that the quality of these pictures are LEAGUES above what is currently viewable in the gallery, and all the pictures you see in the gallery will (eventually) be replaced by some awesome bird pics!

How could I get a new camera and not make a page about it?

So far in the gallery, I only have a stitched panorama of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. Be sure to open the image in its full size for the best viewing experience! I will also add a handful of new photos as soon as I have the time to sift through them.

Side note: No one ever told me that the ratio of useable photos to taken photos is so unbelievably small! On my most recent outing, I took 174 photos RAW. Only about 20 were "okay", and of those 20, only maybe 4-ish were above average. That comes out to be 11% "okay" photos, and 2% above average!

Keep in mind, these numbers are after I had educated myself on how to take decent photos. This is nothing compared to an older outing from the summer, when I had only just gotten my camera:

279 photos, RAW+JPEG.
Triple exposure bracketing for each picture.
3GB worth of pictures.

The best part? The vast majority are either blurry, underexposed, or a combination of the two.

Older updates can be found here.